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I work in the Hutt Valley and Wellington areas.

​Music therapy draws together my passion for music, people and community.   I completed my Master of Music Therapy degree from Victoria University of Wellington in 2020 and am Fully Registered with Music Therapy New Zealand. 

I have experienced the power of music to 

  • express thoughts and emotions

  • restore internal balance

  • motivate

  • grow confidence

  • develop skills

  • connect with others

  • and provide comfort in grief and uncertainty

I bring 10+ years experience working in primary and early childhood education and 8+ years working with new parents and their babies on the Space programme (formerly SPACE NZ Trust and now Parenting Place) to my role as music therapist.  


I have worked with children and families in hospital, with individuals and groups of teenagers and young adults with learning difficulties and with older people in retirement and residential care facilities.  I am currently working with children who have experienced loss or change.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile here.

Peaceful flight painting of Kereru.jpg

The logo is based on this painting called Peaceful Flight by Sheila Brown ( which was purchased early in 2020.  Sheila kindly gave permission for its use in our logo.

The logo design is by graphic designer Lisa Martell.

My home on the Western Hills of Lower Hutt, adjacent to a large area of native bush, is the home of many Kereru (endemic wood pigeons) which frequently visit my garden.  The painting and logo represent my sense of place here, my love of native birds, the peace of the bush and freedom of spirit.

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